Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's a Boy!!

This morning started off like any normal day. Brooklyn and I went to town to get groceries. I think it was the shortest shopping trip we've ever had!! It usually takes us 3-4 hours and today it was only 2 hours! We got home and took a nap. Where she hasn't slept well all week we both took one and it felt great! We woke up, ate lunch and then headed to Rexburg for the ultrasound!!

We got to the doctor's office and had to wait for 20 minutes to get back. Brooklyn had fun with Tyson in the waiting room. She would try to get around him and he would chase her and block her way. She was giggling and squealing. It was so much fun to watch them play. We finally got to go back to the ultrasound room where they put the gel on my stomach. I must say, it is a gross feeling but at least it was warm! The tech started the ultrasound and it wasn't long before we knew it was a BOY!!!! We were so excited. Tyson will have his little farmer boy, and he was super excited about it. There is something about guys when they find out they are having a son. Throughout the ultrasound, our little boy was quite the mover and very shy. Every time the tech tried to get a picture of his face he would turn his head or hide behind his hands. She was trying to get his feet and leg bones and every time she would get close to the picture she needed, he would move. It took a good 10-15 minutes to get his face and she had to keep moving on to other things and coming back to the ones he wouldn't cooperate for. It looks like I might have another busy body on my hands but we'll see what he's like when he gets here in July!! It was so much fun to see his hands, feet and face. I look forward to meeting him soon!

The doctor said everything was looking great. Our little boy must be quite the eater because he was measuring 5 days ahead of his due date. I am hoping he isn't a really big baby. Tyson and I were bigger babies and I really don't want one as big as either of us were. 

This whole pregnancy I've had the feeling that we were having a boy and I'm glad my intuitions were right!! We're so excited to have a little boy running around in the near future! It will be so much fun to see how he and Brooklyn get along where they are close in age. I'm excited to meet this little "football player" I have moving in my tummy. He's definitely very active, just like Brooklyn! They should get along well!!

He's waving!!

He's trying to hide his face again! Cute profile picture!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Dancing to Tangled

This morning Brooklyn was wanting to watch a movie so I put Tangled in for her. I decided while she was busy watching I would catch up on some laundry and crocheting. Her favorite parts of the movie are the songs and I saw her dancing out of the corner of my eye and hurried to get a video of it. She does so many dance moves and pulls a lot of faces. It's a lot of fun to watch!!

She is such a big helper she decided that I needed to put my shoes on! She loves to hand us our shoes.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Big Girl!!

Today I cleaned all morning and then put Brooklyn down for a nap. When she woke up we ate some lunch. While I cleaned today, I decided maybe she would eat better if she was able to sit at the table with Tyson and I instead of having her tray on the high chair. She seemed to think that was pretty cool because she smile a lot. She didn't eat much better but it seemed to make her day so I was happy.

Here's my happy big girl!

My adorable little sleeper in her "big girl bed," they're so peaceful when they are sleeping!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Brooklyn's new favorite thing to do lately is peel the paint off our windowsill in our front room. She gets her little fingernails where there is a bubble in the paint and she tears it off. This keeps her entertained for long periods of time, but it adds to my to-do list. I guess we'll just wait until she rips it all off and then we'll repaint this summer when we can open the windows to let the house air out.

Now I know who to get when I need paint taken off of anything. Luckily she doesn't eat it. She just throws it away, gives it to me, or she drops it on the carpet! Thank goodness for that.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


So today I decided I was going to do an experiment. With this pregnancy it seems like I'm smaller in the morning and bigger in the evening. So I had Tyson take a picture of me before he left for work and then we took another before putting Brooklyn to bed. And sure enough, I get bigger as the day goes on! I'm 20 weeks today and boy has this pregnancy has been different from when I was pregnant with Brooklyn. The morning sickness was worse, but thankfully that has been over for a few weeks. I also have more of those "pregnant feeling" days where I'm exhausted and I feel like a dead weight. But I have felt the baby move a lot which is always a fun part of the pregnancy. Tyson has tried to feel the baby move, but when he puts his hand on my stomach the baby quits moving! It's like the baby knows he wants to feel it move so it's being stubborn :) (I wonder where it gets that from, lol, both of us). All in all though the pregnancy has flown by and I can't believe I'm halfway through it. That means only 20 more weeks and I get to hold my bundle of joy!!

 Morning (As you can tell by my tired looking face)

Evening (We think I look bigger)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mommy's Little Helper

This morning, Tyson was in working on the computer so I decided I would do something fun and warm for breakfast. I started mixing and getting our Aebleskiver pan on to heat up. Brooklyn came in and wanted to help so I lifted her up and let her help me mix everything. She had a ton of fun!

She is definitely mommy's little helper!! It took me a long time to get all of the batter cooked, but it was so worth the time. I have been craving these my whole pregnancy and it paid off to eat them. Brooklyn even enjoyed them! She ate two of them very quickly. Her hands were covered with butter and powdered sugar by the time she was done eating them but it was a hit. I'll have to do them again soon!



Brooklyn loves animals, which she shows when she sees them. When we walk by or see the cows, she talks to them and moos at them. She can get quite animated while she talks to them. She loves Barkley and Amber's cats, which we got on video.

But her new favorite animal is Buddy, Barkley and Amber's puppy. She'll stand up on a box and yell to him through the window and she'll stand there and watch him play and sleep forever it seems like. She loves to bark at him while she watches him, which is so fun to watch. Today, Tyson had the front door open with the glass door shut and there was Buddy on our front porch. Brooklyn was very excited to see him that close and of course started talking to him.

She would put her finger on the glass and he would put his nose in the same spot on the other side. She stood and talked to him for about 10 minutes. We had to pick her up so we could shut the door! It is so much fun to watch her as she sees new things, she gets so excited!