Thursday, September 6, 2012

James Talking!!

James has really started talking this past week and a half!! I finally got a really cute video of him talking to me. When I play it, he starts talking back to it. Oh how I love the stages they go through, I just don't like how fast they go through them. James is already 6 weeks old and time is flying by way too fast. His smiles are so cute, and I just can't enough snuggles.

I took him to my doctor's appointment yesterday and while I was waiting for the doctor, I put his blanket on the scale and weighed him. I was shocked to see the scale balance out around 13 pounds. I guess eating 6 ounces or more every 2 hours adds the weight quickly. That would be why his car seat with him in it gives me a great arm workout. He has his first cold though. Brooklyn was sick 2 1/2 weeks ago and he got it from her. That's one hard thing about having two kids. I hope you enjoy the movie of him talking. He really gets going closer to the end!!