Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 3 of breaking Brooklyn away from the binki has been interesting. The morning started out really well. Brooklyn wasn't fussy and she enjoyed playing with her toys, eating cereal, and watching Tangled (her favorite movie). I put cereal in one of her toy bowls and she sat on the floor and watched her movie for a little while and then she would get up and play with her toys.

11:00 hit and she started crying and whining so I figured her molars that are coming in were hurting. I got her undressed to her diaper and brought her into the bathroom. As I started the bath water, Brooklyn undid her diaper and peed all over the rug and floor. So I cleaned that up, got her in the tub and gave her a popsicle to help numb her gums. She went to town and finished both halves quickly. Her mouth and chest were purple but she had so much fun and it seemed to help with the pain.

She was sitting and playing when I heard her pushing. I hurried and put her on the potty just in time for her to poop in the toilet. She still hasn't pooped in the bath tub but we've had many close calls. After her bath, her and I played with her toys and took a nap. Kaye and I went to get groceries at 5 while Gary watched Brooklyn and then Brooklyn and I waited at their house until Tyson got home. The power went out while Kaye and I were gone and didn't come back on until Tyson got home.

We came to our house and put Brooklyn in bed and when I told her to lay down, she said her word for binki. She still gets it when she goes down for a nap and at bedtime and she knows it! I hope we'll have her broken away from it soon!!

Friday, February 17, 2012


Brooklyn finally figured out where to put the balls in the gift she got for her birthday. My mom and dad gave her this and she loves to grab the balls out of the elephant's trunk. This has been a favorite toy the last few months and I'm glad she figured out how to reload it so she could continue to grab the balls from its trunk. Usually Tyson or I have to put the balls back into the hole, but she's very smart and figured it out without us having to show her today.

She knows how to turn on the elephant as well. She picked that up about a day after she got it. I can't believe how fast kids pick things up. I wish I could learn thing that quick!