Monday, January 4, 2010

Bahamas Cruise Day 4

We landed back at Miami Port this morning. After we said goodbye to my family we headed to the car rental agency. When we got the car we rented, we headed out for Kimarie and Jason's. We were so excited to see them. We went through many toll booths to get to their house. My favorite exit was the one to Kissimmee. It was a very interesting name for a town.

When we got there, we played games with the girls. Avory was glued to Tyson, which was so cute. I think she really enjoyed getting to see him. We definately had a lot of fun with the whole family, we hadn't seen them since we got married. We aren't looking forward to leaving tomorrow, we've had a lot of fun!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bahamas Cruise Day 3

Well, today was a let down. The weather was bad so we weren't able to go to the second island. The winds made the water too choppy and the cruise ship was not able to dock. The captain told us over the loud speaker that we would slowly begin our trip back to Florida instead of docking. We were all disappointed but there was nothing we could do. There wasn't a lot to do on the ship so we just sat on the deck and looked out at the ocean and turned on the TV in our rooms to see if there was anything on. We walked around the ship for a little while to keep ourselves busy. It's been a long day but we'll be back to Florida tomorrow and we'll be able to visit Kimarie, Jason and the girls!

We got to see the island we were going to be on and it looked beautiful! Oh how I wish we could have gotten off the ship. I was going crazy being confined to the ship and I was getting more sick as we sailed to Florida.

Eventhough we didn't get to get off at the second island I had fun on the cruise. I don't know that I would go on another one but it was a good vacation. The food was magnificent and all you could eat. We got to try desserts that we wouldn't normally get at a restaurant and we had whatever we wanted.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Awesome Tree in the Middle of Nassau, Bahamas

Bahamas Cruise Day 2

So far the cruise has been fun, although I didn't realize how much the ship can rock. I get motion sick easily so with all of the rocking I decided I definitely needed to start taking the motion sickness pills. They worked wonders!! Whoever thought of them was a genius and my vacation saver. We got to get off the ship today after sailing all day and night yesterday. We got off the ship at Nassau, Bahamas and had a scheduled amount of time that we could explore on the island. It was definitely not long enough. We had to hurry to see the sights that we wanted to so we could get back to the ship on time.

We were able to go to the Atlantis resort and see the huge fish tank that they have there. The walk was long to get there but it was so worth it. We got to see rays, and a variety of fish in the tanks. Inside the resort there was a huge waterfall with shells at the bottom. It was beautiful!

We walked through the resort and ate lunch. There were some really cool lights throughout the inside of the resort. They looked like they were made of colored glass. My favorite one looks like the sun with solar flares all over. I wish we could have stayed longer but we were on a very tight schedule. We had a few more places we wanted to see while on the island and the walk took a lot of time.

After Atlantis, we found a bus cab that was willing to take all 11 of us to our next destination. It cost us a bit but we were able to see everything we wanted to. The bus was crammed but we were all able to stay together.

The next place we went to was the Queen's Staircase. One of the locals was nice enough and told us the history behind the construction of it. He told us that the trench and stairs were cut out of the limestone by slaves, who used picks and other sharp tools. Many of the slaves died as a result of the hard labor. 65 stairs were cut into the limestone. The trench was constructed to help protect Fort Fincastle from enemies. The foliage surrounding the trench was beautiful. There were so many different plant species. The roots of plants covered the walls and trees covered the top of trench, creating a sort of canopy. There were little shops along the walls with items that the locals were trying to sell, jewelry, wooden toys, bags and other trinkets. The local people are very talented at using the resources around them to make beautiful souvenirs.

The local people were all bundled up in coats, hats and gloves due to the 60 degree weather. We thought it was nice weather but they were used to a lot warmer weather and this was almost winter weather to them. I was surprised to see the big coats and gloves but understood once we talked to a couple of the shop owners.

We climbed the staircase to Fort Fincastle, where we were able to get on top and look our at the island. It was such a beautiful sight. We could see all of the foliage and the little towns around the island. We were able to see the cannons they used to protect the island. We also got to see jail cells where they would hold prisoners. The sight was awe inspiring. I was glad we were able to make it to this site. It was all very worth it!! All in all, today was a beautiful day with a lot of sites to see. I can't wait for tomorrow to see what other adventures are in store for us.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Bahamas Cruise Day 1

Tyson and I flew out today. We are on our way to Florida for a cruise to the Bahamas with my family! We got to the Florida airport and caught a bus to an IHOP restaurant for breakfast. The food was delicious and hit the spot after being on the plane for so long. After we ate, we caught a bus to downtown Miami so we could get to the port. We walked around and found a CVS Pharmacy to get razors and a few other items we needed and then we started on our way.

We got to walk through a lot of downtown Miami with our suitcases. We walked past the Miami Heat stadium, which Tyson enjoyed. I wish I would have gotten a picture for him, but I didn't think of it at the time.

We also walked past "The Torch of Friendship" that was dedicated by Miami for our neighboring countries friendship with the United States. It was dedicated in memory of John F. Kennedy and was really cool to get to see. I was very glad that we decided to walk around downtown.

When we got to the bridge that leads over to the port, we found out that there wasn't a way for people to walk to the port. We walked back to an area where we had seen multiple cabs and got one to take us over to the port. WOW cabs are expensive!!

We met up with my family where we had to check in for our cruise. The building was packed with people going on different cruises. We went through security and waited in line to check in. When it was finally our turn, we gave our passports, drivers licences and check in information to the lady behind the desk. I was so excited to get on the ship. I have never been out of the U.S. and I was excited to have the opportunity to explore a beautiful island. We got on board a while later and got settled in our rooms. We got to explore the ship, to see what there was to do while we were on board. We got to see all of the buildings along the coastline as we left the Port of Miami. Some of those homes were huge and there were a lot of office buildings as well.

And we're off on our new adventure...