Friday, March 8, 2013

Photo Purge #1

Ok so I've been so busy with kids and work that I've neglected my blog. My brother told me the other day that I needed to update it. So I've decided to download a bunch of pictures and put captions under some of them so everyone can see how much the kids are growing up and how our little family is doing!! Here we go.... there are tons of pictures so I hope you enjoy! I had a hard time choosing my favorites and they are not in order. I haven't had time to organize them with working from home and keeping up with the kids. I tried to put ages under as many as I could.

James 7 weeks

" I wish I could be out helping daddy with the cows."

Farm girl

14 Weeks

2 Days

2 Weeks

Brooklyn: "Hmmm....... I think I may be stuck."

Her favorite hiding place is the towel cupboard

Mommy's helper



Daddy's farm helper

Building Legos

Twine holder is her job!!

Helping daddy garden

She didn't like the sprinkler getting her

Dirty face from playing

"What's in here?"

Reading with Grandpa Yates

Sun bathing for jaundice

Daddy's girl

I love the ear!!

Cute toes

Learning Spanish with daddy

Sleeping like daddy

First pigtails

"What's up"

First time swimming
Not a big fan at first

Brooklyn loves it!

Tyson's award from work!

At the Fair

Nursemaid's elbow

Brooklyn at 2 years old and James at 7 months

Brooklyn 2 years old (26.5 lbs)         James 7 months (21 lbs 3.5 oz)
James: "I don't know about this!"
Tired boy

I LOVE his smile!!

James: "What is on your head"
Brooklyn: "Let me see those teeth."
Brooklyn: "I love my brother."
James: "Seriously what is on your head?"