Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Kammie made cupcakes for my birthday and Kaye sent some home with us. Tyson was eating one and Brooklyn was wanting some so he let her have some of his. She really enjoyed it!! She sucked on it until it was really soggy and Tyson decided he didn't want it anymore. He ended up throwing it away, but the proof of her enjoyment was all over her face! It was so much fun to watch.


She liked it so much she had to lean in to get as much as she could at once :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Car Seat

Today we took a drive to Soda Springs to look at a grain trailer that Tyson's been watching on an auction. We all had a really fun time and after I fed Brooklyn, she wanted to just hang out on her car seat. Yes, this is her new favorite way to be in her car seat. We don't let her ride around like this, of course, but it was keeping her entertained while Tyson was looking at the trailer. It is quite interesting, but she loves it and it's super cute!!

She also got to see and hear her first train. She watched as the whole thing went by. She seemed to think it was really cool!

Another mini adventure in our family. We love family outings and spending time with each other.