Thursday, November 24, 2011


This year we had Thanksgiving down at Gary and Kaye's house. It was so much fun!! I helped out in the kitchen so we didn't get any pictures, which I'm bummed about, but we had a wonderful time. Dinner was amazing so I kept wanting to taste this and that. By the end of dinner, I was stuffed. I was so full my stomach hurt and I felt sick. There were a few families there and it was fun to get together and share the holiday with family. Brooklyn ate a lot and had fun running around the house playing with toys, cousins, and everyone else that was there. It was nice to get to spend the day with Tyson and Brooklyn and just enjoy the day.

I am so thankful for the people in my life:

I have the best husband in the world. He loves me for who I am and he cares about my needs and my feelings. He works hard to provide for our little family and is a blessing in my life. He is my best friend.

I have a beautiful little girl that blesses my life every day. She gives me hugs and kisses and always knows when I need a little extra love. She is my little angel and I love every moment I get to share with her.

I have a wonderful mother who doesn't care how many times a day I call. Whether it is once or ten times, she is always there to listen!! Love you mom!

A dad who loves and misses me and our family. Who would do anything for us and has provided for me most of my life! Love you daddy!

I have fabulous in-laws that are always there when I need something. They are always thoughtful and kind and they love Brooklyn as much as my mom and dad do!

I couldn't ask for a better life:

I have been blessed with good health and a fabulous life.

I live on a farm out in the country and I get to spend every day with my little angel. 

I get to see Tyson every day and love spending time with my little family.

Tyson has a job that provides for our needs and wants.

I have a roof over my head, clothes that keep us warm and food on the table every day.

The Lord has blessed me with everything I need and so much more. I am so grateful for Him and His son Jesus Christ who paid the ultimate sacrifice for me. They know who I am and they care about my needs and how I am doing. I can talk to them any time I want and they will help me!!

I have the best life and family that I could ask for. My life has truly been blessed and I am thankful for everything. I am so fortunate to have the things that I need and I pray that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Today we found out that we are pregnant again!! I am super excited. We calculated my due date out on the doctor's office website and I am supposed to be due on July 7th, so really close to Tyson and Kaye's birthdays. We are so excited to be expanding our family! It will be fun because we are planning on telling family during Christmas, so it will be fun to see their reactions.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


This morning I was working on my class in Brooklyn's room while she played with her toys. I stopped studying to watch what she was doing. She was playing with her walking toy that plays music, and when a new song started up, she started dancing to the music!! It was absolutely adorable. I love when she starts doing new things. She started dancing to music a few weeks ago but I was never able to catch it on video because she always sees the camera. This morning she was too preoccupied by her toy to notice that I had the camera. I finally caught it on video and thought I would put it on our blog.

(The video is kind of dark, her room doesn't have the best light.)

Being a mom is the BEST job in the world!! I get to play with her and watch her learn new things all day long! I wish Tyson was here more to see everything she does when she does it the first time. He gets to see everything when she's done it a few times. The first time there is always a look of pure excitement that she figured something new out. That face is priceless and it never gets old, and I wish Tyson could see it each time that I do!! Hopefully we will be able to figure out a way to farm full time so Tyson can see more of the things she learns the day she figures them out. Both of us would get to see Tyson more and we could ride in the tractor with him while he farms.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Waiting For Daddy to Get Home!

It was so cute to watch Brooklyn wait for Tyson to get home from work. She stared out the window for quite some time and reacted to every sound, hoping her dad was home. She knows when it is 5:00 pm, and she will find a window to look for him. She'll walk around the house saying "dadda, dadda" and search the house for him. She will go through each room, trying to find him. It is so cute that she misses him that much. When he gets home, she won't let him out of her sight and she usually does that by not letting him put her down. She is definitely a daddy's girl!!

When Tyson gets home, she gets to him just as fast as she can!! And if he doesn't pick her up immediately, she starts to whine and cry. She is definitely glad when he gets home, I think she gets plenty of mommy time during the day and she wants him when he's home. Tyson has even started feeding her at night and putting her down for bed. It takes me a lot longer to get her down than it does Tyson, she fights me the whole time!!